The information on this website is the combined effort of many members of the Gingrich Family for many generations.  Hattie (Gingrich) Wolf, Dorothy Wise, Bessie Holmes, Alvena Brintnall, Lisa MacKillop, Wanda Severn  and Donna Kinerd have done extensive research but many other family members have collected and shared information for generations.

Betty Hartman and Judy Hall, submitted documentation for Peter Gingrich born in 1798.  Peter Gingrich was the father of Peter B. and Tobias Gingrich.  This cleared up the confusion that I had with Peter Gingrich and Peter B. Gingrich.

See the Family Group Record provided by Betty Hartman and Judy Hall by clicking on Peter Gingrich (born 1798)  on the (Lineage Chart – Peter Gingrich 1789).  Most of the documentation that Betty submitted was compiled by Clara Belle Gingrich Huggins who is Kenneth Hartman, Betty’s husband’s, Grandmother.  Betty Hartman died October 13, 2006.  My sister, Wanda, still communicates with her husband Kenneth and his children.  Kenneth is the Gingrich family member.

Per her  research, the parents of Peter Gingrich (born 1798) were born in Switzerland.  With the help of www.Ancestry.com, I have traced the Gingrich Family name back to 1595.

Other people have actually done most of the research and tracing.  I just copied and pasted the information onto this website in an effort to organize it.  There is a conflict of information on a few of the relatives even on Ancestry.com but, it mostly deals with dates and the spelling of names.

The Gingrich Family, like most others, honored their past family members by naming their children after them.  The same first name was used in generation after generation, Michael, Peter and Barbara were some of the more popular names.  The spelling of Gingrich changed over the years.

I have included several Gingrich Family stories, wills, etc. that I found on the Internet including on Ancestry.com. I found them to be very interesting.  You will find them under the Gingrich Family History Tab.

I hope to reach other branches of  the  Gingrich Family so that we can share our Gingrich Family History and help to determine the accuracy of what I have found and to add additional information.

To see additional information and pictures, click on the names listed on the chart or any word in this website that is highlighted in red.

This website will be an on going project as long as there is additional information to add.

Contract me with corrections, pictures, links, etc.  Information can be scanned and emailed, faxed or sent by snail mail.

I would like to add scenery pictures to the header.  The scenery pictures that I would like to add are places where previous generations of the Gingrich Families lived especially, Oklahoma, Kansas & Pennsylvania.  Please email new or old pictures, color or black & white.  Meanwhile, please enjoy pictures that I have taken of my plants.

Your comments and suggestions are Welcomed and appreciated.

Donna (Gingrich) Kinerd